This data layer contains the dominant wetland type from each 30-minute (lonXlat)
grid cell. The 12 classes from the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database are
listed below. The original data is at 1km resolution and is available from the GLWD web site.


Lehner, B. and P. Döll (2004): Development and validation of a global database of lakes, reservoirs and wetlands. Journal of Hydrology 296/1-4: 1-22.

Item ID, Ranges from 1 (upperleft corner) to 259200 (lower right corner).


Item Class, ranges from 1 to 12

Dominant Value Class

1 Lake
2 Reservoir
3 River
4 Freshwater Marsh, Floodplain
5 Swamp Forest, Flooded Forest
6 Coastal Wetland (incl. Mangrove, Estuary,Delta,Lagoon)
7 Pan, Brackish/Saline Wetland
8 Bog, Fen, Mire (Peatland)
9 Intermittent Wetland/Lake
10 50-100% Wetland
11 25-50% Wetland
12 Wetland Complex (0-25% Wetland)