K3 through K9 DESCRIPTION:


The continental Simulated Topological Network files at 6-minute spatial resolution (STN--6) represent rivers as a set of spatial and tabular data layers derived from a 6-minute flow-direction grid developed from Fekete et al. (2001). Potential flow direction is in this archive. Hydro1K EDC flow direction datasets served as the basis of these networks and were then manually corrected to match a vector overlay of rivers.




(K3) Africa_06_min_network.asc = gridded flow direction of rivers at 6-min (latitude by longitude) resolution. Primary source:





Fekete, B. M., C. J. Vörösmarty, and R. B. Lammers. 2001. Scaling gridded river networks for macroscale hydrology: Development, analysis and control of error, Water Resources Research, 3 (77): 1955-1967.



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UNH Simulated Topological Network for the Global System of Rivers